Our Philosophy

Our aim is to provide individual portfolios for each child, documenting how we support their passions, interests and learning by offering opportunities and possibilities in an attempt to extend these.

We believe

Lancaster Learning Centre is a family owned and operated Early Childhood Centre, providing quality education and care to mixed age groups of children’s for over 20 years.

Our child and teacher collaborative learning programme is based on the New Zealand early childhood curriculum “Te Whāriki”, providing the children with opportunities to grow into competent and confident learners and communicators, healthy in mind, body and spirit.

We have a strong belief in building positive and collaborative relationships with children, whanau and the wider community. Parents contributions and aspirations are valued as we work in partnership to gain their insight and knowledge of their child’s home life. These come in many forms from daily korero (talks), learning stories, educational discussions, feedback forms, surveys, special events, excursions and celebrations.

Papatuanuku and our extensive outdoor environment is seen as an extended classroom and is incorporated into the daily curriculum. In this way we believe children develop strong connections with nature as they explore, experience, appreciate, and respect their environment and the wider community thus acknowledging the dual cultural heritage of Te Tiriti o Waitangi.

At Lancaster Learning Centre independence and life skills are fostered and supported throughout the children’s daily experiences. We allow children the freedom to learn and explore at their own pace, nurturing and encouraging the ’tuakana-teina’ relationship between children, where the tuakana (older child) can help teach or guide the teina (younger child).

Kai (Mealtimes), Huis (small group times), experiences and other regular events are flexible and respond to the children’s strengths, interests and needs.

Kindergarten teacher and children play with building blocks together in daycare or preschool

The children can feel happy and secure in a loving environment and have the opportunities to take, assess and manage risks in a safe, supportive environment. We document how we support and extend their passions, imaginations, interests and schemas for each child in their personal ’Spotlight folders’.

We provide healthy and nutritious meals and opportunities in the growing and preparing of the food they eat.

We encourage a stress free transition to school for the children, aiming to visit local schools where the children shall attend to allow the child to become familiar wilh school expectations and settings while being supported by their Educators and peers.
Our “famous four years olds” are given the opportunity to prepare their own lunch box and practise
budgeting the contents in preparation for school.
A profile, based on schools key competencies is provided for the new entrant teachers, to support
the child and their whanau through this time of adjustment.

Our dedicated team is receptive to changes in Early Childhood development and research. They are supported and encouraged to continually seek improvements in their practises to be reflective professionals who are responsive to tamariki (children), whanau (families) and management.

Child intitiated play

Allows children to follow their dreams and choose where and what to do…
Play is initiated by the children with staff emphasis on facilitating the learning not instructing it.

Parent Experience

‘I’m really happy with Lancaster! The staff are awesome and always go out of their way to make sure my son is ok when i leave which is nice as drop off’s tend to be a quite a drama. Staff are always friendly and loving to him (and myself) Its a family sort of environment which is great. ‘


‘LLC is the best early learning centre there is on the Shore. We have been thoroughly impressed with the care that both Jamieson and Kyan have received over their years here.

The teachers are caring pleasant and love to take an interest in each individuals childs needs.

Meals are well thought out and healthy, and I know my kids are always happy and stimulated through learning

We cannot recommend LLC enough. We love you guys you rock!’


‘We are just a new family to Lancaster and have been thrilled with the way they are caring for our children. It is a great homely setting where there is lots to see and do and where the staff genuinely love and care for the children in their care. Definitely recommend to anyone looking for daycare.’


‘LLC is an awesome centre Jak has learnt so much, the teachers are so lovely, Jak now eats all sorts of food!! and is a happy little boy.’


‘LLC is by far the best early learning center I have encountered.Truly talented practitioners in a fantastic environment, couldn’t be better!’


‘LLC is awesome.

My kids just love all the activities the food and especially the staff. Its nice knowing the kids are happy.’