Our Philosophy

At Lancaster Learning Centre, we believe children have the right to quality care and education that support the development of their potentials. By providing the basics of a safe environment, nutritious meals, exercise and caring educators, these essentials enable children to confidently follow their imaginations; to explore and experiment; to make choices from an array of activities; take ownership of their own learning through play, and so charting the directions for educators to encourage and foster. Independence and life skills are incorporated and supported throughout the children’s daily activities.

Our aim is to provide individual portfolios for each child, documenting how we support their passions, interests and learning by offering opportunities and possibilities in an attempt to extend these. These files are available for the children to independently view at any time to revisit their learning experiences or share with friends and family.
In order to foster each child’s growth and development, we value a working partnership with parents to gain their insight and knowledge from their child’s home life. Their contribution and feedback is supported and takes on many forms from daily communication, educational discussions, special events, excursions and celebrations.

Our educators are receptive to changes in Early Childhood Education and are encouraged to continue developing their practices in order to be reflective professionals who are responsive to the children, families and whanau.

We believe positive interactions among children are modelled and fostered by adults.

At Lancaster mixed age groups interact in a family setting, in this way children learn to relate to a variety of ages, gender and cultures; building warm lasting relationships and scaffolding the learning of others. We encourage children to have fun and play in a safe manner, while respecting the environment and the property of others.
We acknowledge the Treaty of Waitangi and promote the principles of Te Whariki, the national Early Childhood curriculum.

LLC Management & Staff – April 2010

Parent Experiences

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